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Q) How does paintless dent removal work?
A) PDR is the art of gently massaging the area of the dent from underneath and pushing the dent back to its original state. It is an art that very few are able to grasp, otherwise there would be a hail specialist in every body shop across the country.

Q) What are the benefits of PDR?
A) The main benefit is retaining your original factory paint thus avoiding any paint mismatch problems. Also, PDR only takes one to three days to repair versus weeks in the body shop. The value of your vehicle is retained to its highest possible value!

Q) Will my paint be damaged or cracked?
A) Unless the paint is already cracked from large hail the paint will not be affected because cracked paint is obvious to the naked eye. Because today's base and clear coats are very elastic and flexible, PDR if done properly will not disturb your finish. With our 100% lifetime guarantee, it's a win-win situation.

Q) Can I get an estimate over the phone?
A) Unfortunately, it's like trying to give a haircut over the phone. It's impossible. An estimate depends on the sizes, depth, and the number of dents. All you have to do is make an appointment with us to get your free estimate.

Q) Will my insurance cover PDR?
A) As long as you have comprehensive coverage on your policy, you are covered. In most cases, your deductible is less than your collision deductible, if that is what you originally chose.

Q) What size dents can be repaired?
A) When it comes to hail, in most cases, baseball size is the limit to do a proper repair. There are some instances of shallow softball that can be repaired, but deep softball dents are usually over stretched and they will either be slightly shallow or slightly high. The overall effect may appear satisfactory, but it is still not 100% and in this respect, Modern Hail Repair Inc would work with a body shop to expedite the repair process.

Q) What about those quick fix, DIY glue pull kits?
A) Glue pulling evolved with the increased structural requirements of vehicles creating underside access limitations. Even though we use them in our business, its still an art that requires tremendous practice. Years back we had a customer, a woman who bought a kit tried it on one of her dents. We said we could fix her whole car except that one dent. She said, "Oh yeah, that kit doesn't work. I'm taking it back." Some things really should be left to the professionals.

Q) Why should I hire Modern Hail Repair Inc?
A) For the hassle-free experience. Don't worry if your original estimate from your adjuster is enough. All the insurance company wants, is a fair price for a great job. Once you get your initial estimate, come see us and we will handle everything from there. No worries! With more than 20+ years  in the business, we will see that this catastrophic event becomes a rewarding experience for you and your vehicle.